Researching Roman Britain by Brian Kitchen

I did a recent blog post for the Historical Festival on the research I did on the Cornovii, one of the tribes of Roman Britain, which feature in my Flavius Vitulasius series of novels. if you want to see the post I’ve put the link below:    

Progress on my next book

For the past few weeks I have spent most of the time promoting my first novel ‘Divided Empire’. As a newly published, first time author, I found like other authors that promoting your books takes time and effort. Problem is that the time you spend promoting your book, could be time used to write theContinue reading “Progress on my next book”

My interview on the Afternoon Show, Radio Derby with Andy Potter

On Monday 4/01/16, it was my privilege to a guest on the Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Derby, with Andy Potter. This was my first live interview on either radio, or television and I was very nervous. Andy soon put me at ease however and I found that what I’d expected would have been aContinue reading “My interview on the Afternoon Show, Radio Derby with Andy Potter”