Upcoming interview on Berneta L Haynes’ Website

Look out for my interview by Berneta Haynes which will be posted very shortly on her website: http://www.bernetahaynes.com/

Divided Empire now has four 5 star reviews at http://www.amazon.co.uk. thank you to all those who took the time to write and post them. It’s very much appreciated.

Divided Empire has had two 5 star reviews at Goodreads and thank you also to the people who wrote them, it’s again very much appreciated.

I’ve now written the first 55,000 words of the next Flavius Vitulasius novel and hopefully am still on target to get it finished by the end of the summer. I’m helping to care for an elderly relative at present, so I’ve not written as much lately, as I would have probably normally have done. Family always comes first however and with Burton Albion’s amazing season finishing in May, I won’t have the excuse not to write on Saturdays (well at least until the next season starts in August).