Second book in the Flavius Vitulasius adventures coming soon

Work is progressing well on the second book in the Flavius Vitulasius series of historical fiction novels. I’d planned to have the book written and edited by the end of August and it looks like that will be accomplished. There are some twists and turns in this book as Flavius finds that someone he trusted has betrayed him and with Arbogastes power steadily growing, Britain becomes a very dangerous place for the young Romano-Briton.

Meantime ‘Divided empire’ continues to get good reviews, with 7 five star and I four star review at and 3 five star reviews at in the USA. I have been very lucky also to have had my book reviewed by Jemahl Evans, author of ‘The Last Roundhead’.  The review can be found on Jemahl’s website, address below:!Review-Divided-Empire-by-Brian-Kitchen/c1q8z/5731c9cb0cf222003e9fba8a

US writer Berneta L. Haynes also interviewed me about my writing and that interview can be found on the Waking Writer website. A link to my interview with Berneta can be found below:

Author Interview: Brian Kitchen

For any debut writer like myself getting reviews for a first book are very difficult and I am therefore very grateful to all those who have taken time to write and post a review of ‘Divided Empire’ for me. As any author will tell you, if you want to help an author write a review for them. It doesn’t have to be long, a few sentences will do. So thank you again folks, it’s nice to get feedback.


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